Thursday, May 6, 2010

Phylleri Ball`s steam valley Farm Tour 2010

Sat.I loaded up my 76 year old mother & we took a 3 hour trip one way to Trout Run, go on Phylleri`s tour.We got lost several times,but I had no panic attacts with mom with me.No,I didn`t come home with any goats this time,but they sure were adorable,especially the nubian goats.I could`ve filled my car up with them & brought them home with the assurance to my dh that we were now in the goat milk busines,goat soap,goat cheese,but I figured I`d better not push my luck.But,here are the babies,how dear they were,especially when she let them loose,they ran with their long ears flapping about.
I took pics of her sheep,chickens,dogs,& oddly colored angora goats-the 1 she is holding is a brown one,but will post them later,I`m headed for bed.

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