Monday, June 21, 2010

Simba is home

Simba came home today,I`m short about $400 now,but he seems good,I have meds to give him & he`ll go back in 2 weeks for his shots.They think he has a brain infection,he hasn`t had any more seizures since Sat.morn,but he did have the scoots on the antiboctic so he is on a med for that.I would`ve taken a pic of him,but my camera is dead.I swear he has grown alot ovr the weekend.They must`ve bathed him as he smells so good & we are so happy.He has not taken much of a nap all day,been running & tearing about.She did tell me that if he dies within 2 weeks,they`ll have to take him to be tested for rabies.I`m staying positive that he doesn`t have that.


Julie said...

Hi Phyllis,
I am so happy he is home. I would not worry to much about rabies. If he had rabies he would not get better with an antiboc. it is a precaution though that they must take. I will keep praying for your little guy, and I am just happy for you.
God Bless,

Tammy said...

Glad to hear he is home! A little yogurt might help with his tummy while on the anitbiotics. (can be mixed with wet food if he doesn't eat it by itself)

Debra said...

I'm so glad, Phyllis! Will keep praying.