Friday, September 10, 2010

Cat Walk

This little outfit is called the kitty holster.It is a tad too big for Simba right now,I could probably make a smaller one.He enjoys going for walks.


Joanne said...

Hello, I am Cathy's (of Sunbonnet Sue Quilts) cousin,Joanne. At her request, I am writing to give you an update on her.... first, her computer finally bit the dust yesterday and her son's (Ryan) home burned down last night in NC. The home is about 75% gone. Cathy, her hubby & their dgtr, Donna, are on their way there now to help Ryan ... they all need a lot of prayer. Thanks, Joanne

phylliso said...

I will pray for Cathy & her family,I`ve prayed for them before when her hubby was taking his test finals.I have to first praise God for not allowing anyone to be hurt,thanks for letting me know,phylliso