Thursday, September 30, 2010

I blogged back in July ,I believe,about our bipolar son.He is 7 mos.sober now & just got his AA 7 month chip on the 21st.Things have not been going so smooth,though.
When he was released from the rehab in July,he was never assigned a doctor to be in charge of monitering his bipolar medications.He was placed on house arrest though,so he is still in the prison system,as he was in rehab,it was court ordered,for which we were all thankful for,but no one seemed to know how to get a doctor to be in charge of his medications when he came home,who was supposed to sign scripts,ect..We just got him straightened out with that recently after a trip to the ER for being overdosed on them.I don`t understand how the systems don`t have better communication with these things,& I guess it is because no one wants to foot any bills.It is a big secret on how to get help.You have to push & push to find help,& I wonder how many people CAN`T get help as they have no one to speak up for them.
Now our son is in the hospital with acute diverticulitis,he will have to have surgery when the infection goes away,he will find out the hospital probably on what the surgeon will do.He could do the surgery now,& he would have a bag & get his intestines reattached later,or do what the surgeon wants to do,get his pain & infection down over a course of a couple of weeks at home,then do the surgery,one surgery.We are waiting to see.In the meantime,he has been given iv morphine & various drugs to try to calm the pain & we are all afraid for him.He was really mean yesterday.They changed his meds today,so this evenning he`s better,but still at odds with his wife.I had to snap a picture of him yesterday with my new sony bloggie,I wanted to get him to laugh,but it just wasn`t working for him.So,need some prayers ourselves now.
He does have his old job back,has been working up till now,just had to add that he`s not sitting at home feeling sorry for himself,but he always seems to have setbacks in his life.He is very lucky though,things could have been much worse for him,I thank & praise God for that.


Anonymous said...

Phyllis, I will pray for him, and for your entire family. We have had to deal with this situation from a distance, and I know it isn't a good situation to be in. The LORD knows, and will answer our prayers! Just keep trusting Him, and doing what you know to do. Also, I am glad you have your carding and knitting and photography to keep you busy. That always helps. Life is about moving forward, and learning new things, and you do that. I'm praying!

phylliso said...

Prayer always works,someday I will blog our whole story,but I know God works in ways we don`t understand,& the how`s & why`s can make us so sad,but we continue to keep forging forward.I don`t know how I`m not insane!hah,hah,after all I`ll had to deal with in my life,God is still walking with me & I just trust.
The dh was on the phone,unable to cope with our son`s biarge of blaming us for his own problems,both yelling at each other on the phone this evenning{we are always to blame for his problems with his wife when all we do is listen to them} so I`m in my room reading Proverb`s 15:1,the footnotes telling me,have you ever tried to argue in a whisper?It is equally hard to argue with someone who insists on answering gently.On the other hand,a rising voice & harsh words almost always triggers an anger response.To turn away wrath & seek peace,choose gentle words.I just pray the rest of my family can find peace as I do,thank-you,Cathy,phylliso

phylliso said...

I was trying to make my son laugh when I took his picture,he told us he was on his deathbed,so I took it & said I was blowing it up with a caption,I`m on my death bed.It didn`t work...phylliso

Anonymous said...

Phyllis, Your comment really blessed my heart! I hear that you have a strong faith, which also leaves the questions and answers to our Creator that loves us all and knows the ins and outs of us and our lives! I will still continue to pray and uphold your family, because it is a blessing to the LORD for us to take all our concerns and needs to Him.

I wish your joking could have gotten a smile, but don't give up...maybe next time it'll work!

Thanks for sharing your heart and life. As I said, I have dealt indirectly with these issues and they are difficult, but not too hard to the LORD to deal with!

Have a good night! Cathy