Friday, September 10, 2010

Whach-ya doin`


Anonymous said...

Phyllis, Your bird pictures are amazing!!!! I truly am in awe of your abilities to photgraph them! Have you ever thought about selling your pictures to magazines? I know of a few magazines that might buy them.

I also like your cat on her leash. With all those precious birds you can keep them protected! My daughter's cat is a bird catcher. Even her dog would catch birds. That always upset us!

Thanks for joining my blog. I added you on my blog list...that way I'll keep up with all your wonderful pictures. :)

phylliso said...

I don`t believe dogs or cats should be outside.I haven`t posted my other pets pictures for awhile,guess I should do that.
I`m glad you enjoy my photos,I love taking pictures of nature.phylliso