Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is the time of year when depression sets in me.God always lifts me up,usually by providing me a distraction in my nature surroundings.Last year it was those vultures,what a flock of them!! They have been swirling above me,but it has not been constant or in numbers yet,last year it wasn`t till Nov.when they settled here every night for at least a week.
I went about the yard taking pictures of the last blooms.We haven`t had a killing frost yet,but it`s comin`. A wren sings to me as I walk about,but I heard no returning call from his mate.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like God wraps His Arms around you with nature!!! He created His Beauty for those that "SEE" it, and you do!

I LOVE Owls!!!!!!!!!!

phylliso said...

Yes,He really does,thanks!phylliso