Friday, November 5, 2010

Animal planet program

I was flipping through channels last week & on animal planet was a show called fatal attractions.I stopped to watch as they had really good video of these 2 different women in 2 different states,Colorado & Oregon feeding wild bears outside their homes.I could easily see myself falling into that habit.But the woman in Co.was a little old lady with a walker,mind you,trasping off with food for the bears.She did have renters living with her,but one by one,they left as the bears grew closer & closer to her home.After awhile she began throwing food from her windows!The bear had clawed up her windows,she erected a tall fence,they were used to getting around that.Well,there was a 'naughty"bear{that`s what she called him} who ran off cubs & was nasty to the others in the group.One evenning after dark for some unknown reason,she left her walker inside & ventured out,maybe to chase the bear away.Well,the bear killed her.The movies that they had of these bear were something else.You could almost tell the end result wouldn`t be good.
Now the other woman in Oregon was younger,lived alone after her husband died,& she,too,fed wild bears.She had great movies of them eating from her hands & petting them.They seemed totally different,like they really knew & understood the woman feeding them.It was strange.The rangers knew she was feeding them,so after awhile they fined her $5000 & told her she had to leave her home for 3 years,I believe,as a part of her probation.She never returned as she said she couldn`t bear not feeding them,so what would be the point of living there.
The last fatal attraction was about a woman who lived somewhere here in Pa.She loved wolves.She bought a wolf/dog hybrid,then another, & began breeding them.It showed pictures of her with the dogs.They were huge.But as they grow older,they form a pack.They must`ve considered her part of the pack & one of them began challenging her.He got a hold of her friend`s hair & began tossing her all around their pen.She got away,thankfully,but after that something else must`ve happenned & she became afraid of them.One woman who knows the breed said one was probably the alpha wolf/dog & for the girl to keep the dogs in their place in the pack she would have had to shown the dog who was boss,like biting him on the nose or something.Can you imagine?biting that huge head!!At any rate,they found her dead in the pen too.It looked as if she hadn`t been taking care of them,being afraid of them,I guess,because the water in their pool of drinking water was green & slimy & bones were everywhere that she hadn`t picked up in the pen.It was very sad as they had to come in & kill all of the dogs,it showed that on tv.Very sad.


Blasé said...

..sad indeed

Andora said...

I watched those episodes sad,I love animals but I know they are wild animals...I love love your header photo!!!