Friday, November 5, 2010


When did this become a medical blog? I just wanted to say that I had the upper enoscopy done on I`ve had many swallowing tests done to no avail,so the liver doctor said he`d do this test to put my fears at ease.Well,turns out,I`m not nuts,I do have a little something going on in the esophagus,a fungal infection he said is probably due to one of the meds I take for my RA.I have had thrush mouth before,due to a med,so am familiar with the nystatin swish & swallow.I don`t know what happenned yesterday,but I was violently sick upon taking the med.I`m feeling ok now.I was reading on the internet how taking garlic can help.I knew that,why don`t I just take that every day,would save me some grief.

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