Sunday, November 7, 2010


Going back to last year at this time,we were surrounded by turkey & black faced vultures here in the woods.They would fly in around 4 pm,setting up in our trees overnight,then if I was lucky enough to get awake early enough I could see them warming up their wings & flexing them before take off in the cool morning air.I will never forget that sight.
Last night I was sitting in bed reading & I could hear shots ring out,about 9pm.I recall last year I had wondered if someone was poaching deer.Who would be shooting at what that late? Will the vultures come again to tell the story of what lies in the woods?


Anonymous said...

what fantastic photos! You always do such a great job. I love the way you started out with the crossed electrical wires and the darkened sky, and then the birds...and their movements! They are a little frightening aren't they? Death and all. My friend's house and the houses right around her have been terrorized with Turkey Vulchers for several years. I guess they are horrible!

On a nice note, Hope you are well...and enjoying your Sunday. My hubby is sleeping after his first night on his permanent position. He got home, changed clothes and went to church choir. I don't think he'll do that again. He was exhausted and has to get ready to work again at 4p.m. today.

Daryle and Katie said...

Phyllis... thank you so much for stopping by Woodstown Whimsies and leaving the nice congrats on the ADQ cover story. Your photography and the story line that you weave inspires. Blessings, Daryle

phylliso said...

I love all kinds of wildlife,the vultures are huge birds & they were a little frightenning.But...they are natures clean-up crew,they have a solid place here in our world.They certainly had the forest floor white with their droppings.
I have still been praying for you & your husband,glad to learn he is now permanent,I just hope he is not overworked as they tend to do people in his position.
Daryle & Katie,looking forward to what you come up with next in your work,phyllis

Little Wren said...

Great photos Phyllis! My goodness they are big birds aren't they? I've nevr seen one up close but I'll bet even a long distance sighting is pretty amazing.

Debra said...

We have them too-a lot of them. My geese used to be terribly afraid of them, but now they only cock their heads and watch them fly.
On your birdwatching post I was wondering what kind of bird food you use (no-I recognize the spegetti -I can't spell that word-but you know what I mean). It looks very full of good stuff. I just get the black sunflower. I feed squirrels-not my idea-I'd like to banish them and just feed birds.
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

I buy the more expensive kind that has nuts & berries in,I believe it is Kaytee.Our Sunday newspaper has been running coupons of the bird seed,so perhaps you can go online for coupons.
As for the squirrels,we have had trouble too.I bought "baffels"that fit above & below the feeder.But you are creative,you could make your own,just use something that is slippery that they cannot grasp that bows downward.I have had to put mine on a pole too away from trees.Oh,what I won`t do for our feathered friends!
I put out shelled corn for the deer,so the squirrels are satisfied with the corn.phylliso

Rachel said...

Great photos!

Thank you for stopping by finding joy and offering prayers for Samuel. I am truly grateful.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.


eileeninmd said...

Wow, it looks and sounds like you could be my neighbor. I see the same thing with the vultures flying in and out of the trees at the same time of the day. They found a favorite spot to roost. With hunting season started here, there are plenty of scraps left behind. I like to watch the vultures in flight, they are cool birds.