Friday, January 7, 2011

Savannah Rose

Yesterday my dh,my son,my granddaughter,& I went on a road trip to the Hershey Medical Center for Savannah,my granddaughter`s doctors appt.It took us 1 hour an a half 1 way,needless to say we spent the whole day there.
When Savannah was born on 12-05-2006 she was born with a turned in foot,they call it "clubbed foot".At first we thought both of her feet were turned,but it was just the 1.She had an operation,she`s had casts,braces,nothing worked,so we were going to see what else could be done for her before she starts school.
On Jan.28th she will be having another operation to cut the tendon in her foot in half & place on each side of her foot to grow an internal brace for her.She will be casted & will have to use a walker,she may not put weight on it.They measured her for everything yesterday,including the walker,which she will get in the mail soon so she can start practicing with it.We need your prayers that this turns out well for her this time around.I cannot imagine the 4 year old using a walker.

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