Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simba and Hunter spooning

Simba loves to pick on Hunter.He is just Simba`s size.Simba will hide behind the hamper,living room couch,anything,& when Hunter comes bee-bopping out past ,Simba pounces on him & scares him,to his delight.Hunter gives a rah-rah over his shoulder as he tears through trying to make us believe he knew the cat was there all the time.
It`s so funny to me that he picks on Hunter terrible,then he spoons with him on the bed....until Hunter realizes Simba is spooning him,then he jumps down.Simba looks up lazily as if to say,where`d my comfy pillow go?


Little Wren said...

How sweet! Those are cute pictures too. :)

phylliso said...

Kinda blurry pics,had to use the bloggie.The animals are on high alert when the canon comes out,but I can sneak the little sony in the room virtually hidden.phylliso.

Baggaraggs: said...

Phyllis, I would love that. I don't get that mag.