Friday, January 21, 2011

Simba`s seizure

Last night about 5:40pm our Simba had another major seizure,if you follow me you`ll remember he had them when he was only a kitten.We had brought him home from a farm as he was stepped on by a cow,the owners wanted me to take him,so I did.He was fine till 2 weeks later & he had seizures.He was hospitalized all weekend,then sent home with meds.The vet said he had a brain infection.We`ve been seizure free till now.
Fast forward to now.The dh found him in the bathroom last night where we keep his litterbox & he was banging his head on the floor & blood was coming from his mouth,at least that`s where I thought it was coming from.He brought him out to me & I went back & got a towel & wrapped him in it as he called the vet.It was something you`d see in a horror movie,he was wailing,the red blood on his white fur was coming from,I could only imagine where,it was almost unbearable.If I would`ve drove him right away,we`d have been there at the vets before they closed,but we thought we`d call in case they weren`t open.He bm-ed himself,and purred unstoppingly when he came out of the seizure.Then he was growing like a couger for awhile.At any rate,he is alright today except for his hind legs.If he`s not better till Mon.,I will take him in.I just didn`t want them to hold him all weekend.He can get around but is wobbly,he can get up on the couch & chairs,but he drags himself when he`s going somewhere.He can`t eat his dry cat food,which he loves,but thank God I still have canned cat food on hand,which he did eat for me with no trouble.
But what I was really blogging about is what I think,& the vet thinks so too,is what I believe caused Simba to have this seizure,is victor mouse deterrrents.I have 2 of the big ones that look like speakers,& they are very effective.So I went to Lowes the day before his seizure to buy 2 more of the speaker kind as you can`t hear them release the sound & my pets were all ok from me using them.They were out of the big ones,so I bought a pack of 3 you plug in the wall.These emitted a sound that was buzzing as if a light bulb was going out.I put one in the macaws room,1 in the laundry room-right beside the bathroom & 1 in the bathroom.I really believe that buzzing sound caused the cat to seize.My macaw Melissa had an episode that very day of having blood all over the inside of her cage hours after I plugged it in her room she shares with my other macaw,Jerry.Jerry wasn`t bothered by it,but I KNOW it is what caused Melissa to bloody her foot like that.
After all of these things happenning,I wish I had been more careful & did a little research.The noise does affect a rabbits & mice or rodents central nervous systems.I know that they work as we had mice we couldn`t trap in the kitchen 2 years ago,& I bought the first one & have it on the counter.I went to bed that summer night with the window open,& the mice actually chewed a round hole in the screen to get back outside,I was elated,finally something "humane"that works.But if you have pets,be very,very careful & do your research before you try anything such as this.We could kick ourselves because we should have realized that buzzing sound would have an effect on Simba anyhow.I thank the dear Lord we were home when he went into his seizure.It`s not something I`d ever want to experiance again.
I now know why I blog instead of facebook,I" talk " too much.After 1000 words,facebook said they couldn`t post it,it was over their limit.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I would unplug those deterrents ASAP, if both the vet amd yourself have the slightest suspicion.
Simba may not have the strength to make it through another of these episodes, on that theory alone, I wouldn't want to take any further chances.
I hope the little fellow recovers quickly, he looks so sweet, and undeserving.
I'll be checking on his progress.

Debra said...

Wow-I agree with Jo-this sounds awful- Did you ever try peppermint? I've read mice hate it, but I have not tried it. Hope the kitty and bird are fine after this.
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

Jo,I unplugged them right away that night when the vet comfirmed what I suspected,in fact I`m returning the small ones I just bought,they are not cheap.
Debra,I will look up the peppermint.My friend told me about "have a heart"traps you place against the wall & when they go in you can take them back outside & release them.
Simba is still having trouble with his one leg,it must be sprained.He`s walking around though,gets up on the sofa & chairs.phylliso

Julie said...

Hi Phyllis,
I am so sorry to hear about Simba's seizure. I have you and Simba in my prayer's. Yes, please keep us posted. I will be thinking of you and Simba, God Bless,

Mary said...

Oh my gosh...what a story. I'm glad your cat is OK. I have not heard of these deterrents. I'm willing to be humane about most things, but not mice....if the cats don't get them, then I use traps.

phylliso said...

Julie,you & Tammy were the first people I thought about after Simba had his seizure.I`m so thankful both of you helped me when he was having the ones when he was just a kitten.
Mary,I have no qualms about trapping them,but I worry the pets will get in the traps before the mice,especially curious Simba.phylliso

Tammy said...

Hi Phyllis,
Just sent you an email... I've gotten a product called Fresh Cab, which is suppose to be a 'natural repellent' for rodents. However I only intend to put it up in the ceiling and other non-cat areas. I will not use poison because of the cats, and can't deal with trapping them (I'd be nursing the stupid mice back to health...). They also have in addition to the 'single mouse' havaheart traps, a larger flat type live trap that will catch multiples. I have one of those too. Anyway, hope Simba continues to quickly recover!

Tammy said...

Also, be careful with the peppermint oil, as some indicate it can be harmful to cats as well. With Noah I just now assume he is going to be sensitive to EVERYthing, and you might have to go that route with Simba as well.