Sunday, February 6, 2011

Savannah`s Operation

My 4 year old granddaughter was born with a turned in foot-clubbed foot.When she was still a baby,the doctors cut the achellis tendon & she was to wear a brace at night while she slept.Well,my son & his wife wouldn`t put the brace on.It made her cry & she was still in the crib which was in their bedroom as they had a very small apt.So,it didn`t get fixed.I`ve been after them to do something soon as she will soon start school & I felt she should have that behind her.They listenned,so this time she has tendons now in her foot & the doctors split a tendon to act as an internal brace,she is in a cast for 6 weeks & can put no weight on it.She has a little walker,but she has been hopping around & crawling.I will try to put the video on here of Savannah dancing to Taylor Swift,before her operation.It went on my facebook page alright.{it`s my first attempt at videoing.
But here is a pic at Christmas,you can see her foot the way it was.
We stopped by their house,got her a box of chocolates,she has her ds,the remote,sippy cup,what more could she want ?This is her brother,we had to give him something too,so I gave him this big monkey he wanted that I bought at a yard sale.A little get well/happy valentine`s day for them both.Savannah shuld be fine after this is over,no brace or anything,thank the dear Lord.Here is the link to her dancing to Taylor Swift`s You Belong to Me.When she gets close to the camera she says,that`s mommy`s.She is talking about a bottle of hand lotion her mommy gave me.I was coming out of her mommy`s bedroom & caught her dancing,so I taped her.She is so adorable,is she not?


Mattydolls said...

She's the dancing! I'm so glad for her!

Arija said...

What a sweet little girl!
The sooner that sort of thing is attended to the better. I am glad you made her parents see sense. Children have enough to cope with going to school without being singled out for their physical features.