Monday, March 21, 2011


I should have been born back in the 1800`s.I love primitive stuff.I love MAKING things look primitive.I love this stove.It is in working condition & uses wood or coal.The dh won`t hook it up for me.He says it may make our floor fall in & our cabin is also so small.But it looks nice tucked in this corner of my kitchen.

I was horrified to say the least when friends came over last month & I went to show Sherry my salt & pepper shaker collections & the stove.I couldn`t get into show her for the clutter.So,no blog Sherry,if you see this post over on facebook,I cleaned the stove & greased my cast iron skillets,dusted off a few things...It still looks a little cluttered because of my cd player & speakers hidden under the rooster towel,I may put it somewhere else as it doesn`t belong on a stove.

Simba poses for me as Bandit does too.The dh started putting in a new floor,& never finished the job,you can see that under the stove.

This iron cricket on the pan opens up his wings,I don`t know if it was used for a ashtray or what?

The candle is zuchinni bread & came from ebay,Carol`s from the keeping room,I don`t have the link handy right now,she makes candles right here in Pa.They look so real.I never burn them,they are too pretty.

This tiny toaster is a salt & pepper shaker,as is alot on top of the stove.I have them everywhere,it is time to do some spring cleaning & take inventory of the dust bunnies.


Gods Little People said...

Aw, how sweet is the sense of that. What lovely little images.

phylliso said...

I`m getting really frustrated with trying to post with the old editor so my pictures get on here right,then for some reason I have all of these huge gaps.UGHHHHH,wasn`t patient enough to fiddle with it yesterday,the day was so pretty outside,phyllis