Friday, May 20, 2011


Yesterday I was in & out,trying to tend to the garden with showers off & on,finally it poured & I gave up.The rain we`ve had this summer is unbelievable.I sat & watched the birds feed.I try to keep suet cakes all year around for the birds,even when it`s hot & they melt some.They love grabbing bunches of it to feed their babies.


Gods Little People said...

Phyllis I love your images - the birds are gorgeous. I miss being able to watch birds close up, but I guess I've got a bunch of irresistable kitties instead. Ironically we live in a nature preserved area that is known for it's rare birds. I spotted a very rare one a few months back that is only here for the month of March - it's amazing spotting something you've never seen before!

phylliso said...

It IS a thrill seeing something you have never seen.I always have hopes of spotting some kind of new wildlife,so much land is going for development,we are losing so much.
But you also do God`s work,watching over the kittens like an angel,phyllis

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful bird photos. Thanks for sharing and for visiting so that I could find your lovely blog.