Thursday, May 5, 2011

Don`t Look at Me I`m Naked!

Finally we had a dry day Tues.& we got the goats sheared & hooves done.We have never had such a wet spring,& I was a little concerned that the goats skin might sunburn.I believe this has been the latest we ever had to wait for a dry day to shear.But then it rainned Tues.evenning so it`s cooled off some for them.Ringo minded being naked this time,the others were happy,Hendrix looks like he is smiling.The dh cut Ringo on his left front leg,so being unprepared,I had to run back up here to the house for the cornstarch.The dh sat in a plastic chair that was propped against the fence,holding Ringo by his leash,waiting for me.As I went to put on the cornstarch,Ringo decided to sit in the dh`s lap.I wish I would`ve had the camera,the dh`s expression of surprise was priceless.Ringo always liked him better than me anyhow,& thought he would protect him from me I suppose.The dh didn`t get hurt & we ended up laughing about it.He does have a couple of bruises today where Ringo`s front hooves landed on his knees.
So,I totally missed world bird Wed.But I`ve been learning what I can about rabbits & tomorrow we will be getting a new addition to our house ,then we`ll get another in 7 weeks or so.I will give you a hint.If you go to this link & enter this website,you will see what I will be getting.I`m so excited.


Little Wren said...

The goats look great and now you all that lovely mohair to play with!! I'm so excited you're getting an angora!!! Do you know what color yet? English, French or German?

phylliso said...

German & he is white.I thought his picture would still be up,but Sherry took it down.I`ll have pictures tomorrow,phyllis