Friday, June 10, 2011


I need to backtrack a little as I have not had alot of time to blog & have to unload some.
Simba had another seizure on Sun.morning.His seizures usually happen in the evenning,but this time it was at 8am,almost 3 months to the day.I`ve noticed he meows funny a couple of days ahead of time now before he has the seizures,walks around meowing off & on as if to say,Mom,stay near,I`m feeling wierd again in the head.It only lasted a min.He woke me up,he had tried to get to me on my side of the bed,but Maggie wouldn`t get out of the way.She sure high tailed it when Simba started jerking & making odd sounds.I scooped him up & ran to the bathroom for a towel.He really had alot of saliva this time so I encouraged him to lay his head on my arm so he wouldn`t choke.It only lasted about a minute.It seems to me now that the sooner I reach him,the less time he`s in it.We will see as time passes,that`s always why I want to write about the seizure while it is still fresh in my mind.
He always purrs & purrs when he comes out of it,being especially being kind to the dogs,who want no parts of him as they believe he is possessed or something.He tries to rub up & down them,& I wish I could capture the look on their faces,it is so funny,it is pure horror..They can`t get away from him fast enough.He then chooses to sleep right on top of me for awhile till he goes back into his aloof self again.
The dh figured out he`d love this little hut,as he`s been napping underneath Hunter`s doggie bed.I have about fell over him several times now as he can completely hide himself under it.I need to video Simba & Cloud,when I bring Cloud inside to run about,he can`t figure out the cat`s hut & has tried to get in it with Simba inside.Simba loves to swat at unsuspecting people & dogs & now rabbit as we go by him.The scratching post the dh bought him at the cat show,he`s not interested in,but he sure loves to hide in his hut.


Tammy said...

Sorry to hear about Simba's seizure. Three months really is a good time span though. It's been awhile since Noah has had one, but he tends to go for several months seizure free, then 'back on schedule' of at least one per month. I've never been able to figure out a pattern or what possibly brings them on. Sometimes he goes on a tear and beats up his sisters and brothers a few days before...but sometimes he does that anyway.
So glad Simba has you to take care of him! My kitties love those little play cubes too, and think they are so clever when they reach out and swat an unsuspecting ankle!

phylliso said...

If someone else had taken Simba,I`m sure he`d have been dead by now.I can`t imagine life without him,his personality keeps all of us on our toes,phyllis