Thursday, June 16, 2011

My New Little Girl Hybrid

Today was one of the better days of this week here.I will do some ranting on another post.
I picked up my little girl today.If you are from this area & are interested in raising these beautiful creatures,go talk to Sherry Tenney at her website,Tenneysangoras.She is so helpful & you will love her.
Anyhow,I was going to name her Smoke,since the german angora is Cloud,but I have been reading alot of Lisa Gardener novels lately{this is my rant,having to drive so many people around I have read almost every book she`s written-that`s on the up end of the rant} & the one I have now reading there is a character named Dori in it & this bunny looks like a Dori to me.She is an English/German angora mix,hence hybrid.She will have lovely wool when she gets older.I just love her.She is checking out her new home,standing up sniffing everything.
I also went & got the wool,the hubby went with me this time,& was glad I did as this week the wool people were coming around to get their wool & take it to a wool pool.I don`t know exactly what that means,just that it`s an auction involving wool from sheep that are not handspinning fleece,I guess.I didn`t pay for it,they said to wait to see how much it goes for a pound.The dh helped sort 1 bag for me,but this bag wasn`t very good,had alot to throw out,I didn`t even want to waste the time washing it for stuffing dolls,it had soooo much hay & thistle pieces in it,it was not worth the time.Some was alright,you can see the difference in it.
I totally missed world bird Wed.,I was so much on the go yesterday I wasn`t even sure what day it was.But here are some pics of what I saw when I was home.This chipmunk is taking lessons from the one eyed squirrel on how to leap from the handrail to the bird feeder.He did not make it.
We are now getting deer again,just haven`t been outside to photograph them in time.The Texas gas company has finished going through here replacing pipe & they have finished up last week,spreading straw & grass seed,so the deer didn`t take long to figure out that the people are gone & now they have some catch up grazing to do.


Little Wren said...

She looks like my Licorice only smaller! Licorice is a German/French hybrid with more German than French. Your little one looks more English. Will you be able to pluck her or will you still need to shear her?

phylliso said...

I will shear her.I brought her inside last night,we had thunderstorms.
I meant to write that the wool on the deck is only from 1 bag.We have a pickup load we stored in the shed to go through,plus what I haven`t finished from last year,mohair too...will it get done?I will sure try to at least go through & clean it,then perhaps weigh it & mix in some mohair & take it to a mill Sherry told me about.Are you going to do your own handwashing?phyllis

Little Wren said...

I won't shear my sheep myself like I do my rabbits but I will do all the washing, carding, dyeing and spinning necessary. I have borrowed some combs but it's such a labor intensive process that I don't think I'm committed to combing the wool. I don't wash or dye my angora until after it's spun into plyed yarn though so the rabbits turn out to be much less work. lol! You have your work cut out for you with that wool but it will be worth the effort. If I lived closer we could have wash and dry days for our wool and such! :) I'll be thinking about you when I'm washing my wool though. I have a wool fleece to work and several alpaca fleeces to work this year. Will we get them done? Time will tell! :)