Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Day Alone,well,not really when you count the various 4 legged critters

This is bike week in Gettysburg,Pa.Thurs.night the Charlie Daniels Band played at Granite Hill campground,& they had other things going on the weekend.The dh went & saw the band,said they were great,played for 1 1/2 hours.Today he left to go see what else was going on.Me-I get some time alone.I do not enjoy events with crowds.I`d just as soon sit with my pets & watch the birds or engage in some dirty dancing around the house.
Really what I did was bake some blueberry zucchini bread{recipe is in another post,go look at my labels},ate part of a loaf,and they are funny shaped loaves as I used parchment paper to line my loaf pans with.
I also made ham salad,deviled eggs,& finished up with getting the mohair out & flicking open the locks getting the hay & things out & seperating the good from the bad.The bad is hair I can`t get all the thistle seeds out of,so I still keep it as it`s cleaned other than that,& I`ll use it for stuffing dolls.
The goats fleece is still nice,except for Blackie`s.His was never really nice to begin with,he has dry skin.
The past 2 days I`ve been to the barn,I`ve been stung by yellow jackets.I was stung 3 times.I thought I had gotten rid of the nest,at least where I believed the nest to be,& ended up stepping on it again.I just removed a hornets nest last month from inside the barn.


Little Wren said...

Oh how I love the pictures on your posts! :) It sounds like you had a wonderful day to be home and do your things and have some "you" time. I love days like that too but they are few and far between for me. Flicking sounds interesting. Is that a mohair thing? What do you use to do it?

phylliso said...

I use a dog slicker brush.It just opens the locks so when I put the fiber on the carder it aligns together.phyllis