Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat Wave

It is unbearable here in Pa.We did get some rain last night.I brought the bunnies inside to stay all night.Now I have a mess to clean up.I took them back out this am,but am likely to have to bring them back in later.I don`t want to shear them till the end of Aug.It`s just too hot for them with their angora coats to be out.
There is a pair of those birds that are unknown to me,instead of just one.I will get on the bird forum today.They remind me of a mockingbird,the white markings on their wings & tails,but their face is like a grosbeaks.They could be babies of some sort who haven`t developed all of their colors.
The bluebird stopped in for a bath yesterday again.
Simba & Cloud are best friends.Simba has no nails on the front paws,so swatting Cloud didn`t harm him.The cat is unsure of what the rabbit is.I gave Cloud the run of the bathroom last night.I kept Ginger & Dori together in a cage.
I have not seen the baby red-bellied since "mom" "yelled"at him.She is a regular vistor at the feeder though.


Gods Little People said...

Phyllis I feel for you about the heat - we've got the same thing - it's unbelivably hot here. Your images are just adorable!
P.S. Thanks for sharing the link - it's such a peculiar story isn't it.

phylliso said...

Yes,very strange,thanks,phyllis