Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quiet time for the soul

I made myself a promise this year that I would take the time to sit in the woods to gather & draw up the peacefullness of it,I only started today,I`m sorry to say.Here are some things that caught my eye.The woodpeckers are really working on various dead trees in the forest.The color sutble change of the color of the leaves caught my eyes,as well as this uprooted tree.What do you see in this tree? In one of Brian Froud`s books he reveals that he often sits in the woods & "sees" the creatures he draws.I thought I was the only one who did that.I see a tiger & 2 rabbits in the fallen tree,what do you see?


Debra said...

I see a little creature sniffing the tree trunk.
That is a wonderful thing-to just sit and enjoy the quiet, the smells, the time of year. Time passes too fast. We need to slow down and smell the woods! (and see it too!)

phylliso said...

You are so right,Debra.phyllis

NG said...

Lovely photos. Makes me long for a bit of quiet time myself.

Aleta said...

I see a squirrel - a very TALL squirrel! :)
It is good to get out in the woods and commune with nature. I think it helps to clear the mind, make one appreciate life. This time of year is my favorite.