Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend sledding

While I posted for world bird Wed.,I realized that I hadn`t shared the sledding photos of my granddaughter,her first time sledding at age 5.Her brother has never gone sledding either at age 9,but he went with someone else for his first sledding experiance.
Savannah had no gloves,so we went thru many pairs of socks we used for her hands,& she held out longer than I did outside.She & her dad had a big time.Then she tried it on our neighbor`s sled, the two girls made a path so fast they went out on the road.So,we gave it up there,& came back down to our place. Her right foot still turns inward.The doctors said they have done all they can,it`s up to 5 year old preschool Savannah to straighten it by watching the way she walks.That doesn`t sound quite right to me,but who am I? She has no trouble going,tho,she`s a little daredevil,I love her dearly.

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Debbie said...

adorable pictures, no sledding here in new jersey, we have gotten so little snow.