Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Savannah`s Question

Looking back over the weekend,I`m always stunned at how fast our granddaughter is growing in especially how she thinks.
She thinks that someday she will be a doctor.She gets my stethoscope & checks my heart & lungs.I show her where Zeke`s heart is,God love him,he always puts up with her laying on him & dragging him about,he seems to actually look forward to her being here.I ask her if she can find Zeke`s heart.We feel his heart beating & she asks me,Nana,can you die of a broken heart? I look at her & wonder if she understands what she is asking.I tell her,well,some people will tell you no,but I have always believed you can.We look at each other & she says,Nana,sometimes I know things,& that`s all she would say...
A picture of her mom picking her up on Sun.and my son with this post,if those two didn`t have children together,they would still be together I think.

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