Sunday, March 11, 2012


This is the time of year that I usually get pnemonia,this year was no exception.I never coughed so much in my life.I had to see the doctor twice to switch antiboctics.Of course,Savannah wanted to stay overnight & I went with my brother to my mom`s doc`s appts.
Mom may have a tumor somewhere causing her to be unable to walk,though having a fractured pelvis would have been enough for me.She will see the uriolgist again on the 20th.He may have to do surgery,he said her parts didn`t seem to be in the right places when he cathed her.Her urine has been terrible,this is her 3rd or 4th antiboctic .I hope she will soon feel more like herself.
I`m afraid I haven`t been teaching my granddaughter good things this weekend.We were outside taking care of the animals & starting seeds in the greenhouse & I catch her standing on her tip toes,the top part of her body way out,& she is spitting,trying her best to make it land on a certain stone.I realize I am doing that trying to cough up this crap-yep,I spit outside,but I`ll bet her mother will wonder where she learned that.The dh found this skein winder at a yard sale & fixed it up,just have to stain it yet.
I spent time spinning this week,this is the lovely roving my friend Becky from Colorado sent me when I was first learning to spin.It was such a beautiful color & I`d take it out & touch it & tell myself,no,not yet.I want to wait till I know what I`m doing to spin this beautiful natural roving.

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