Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweitzer`s Countryside Fiber Mill

The dh & I took all of the fiber I had washed & picked & some I dyed to Sweitzer`s last week to be made into roving.The whole van was jam packed full.I feel I saved alot of money washing it all by hand myself.Heather,I THINK her name is,said it won`t take as long ,that step probably being done good enough to suit them.She buried her face in it & I smiled because I do the same thing with the fiber to make sure it feels & smells nice.
This chairs were so cute.The shop was so comfy & cozy & if I lived closer I believe I`d meet with their group to spin on Sun.afternoons.It is an hour away from where I live.
I thought alot about my mom going to & from there,as usually these trips I would have to make on my own & mom would always come along as I`m terrified of getting lost if I`m alone going to a strange place.On the way home a Van Morrison song came on.My mom loved him & wore out the tapes I made of him for her.I felt it was her way of showing me that she was still along for the ride.


Judy said...

Soon you'll have fresh processed fiber to work/play with. It sounds like you have great memories of time spent with your Mom.

phylliso said...

Yes,I can hardly wait.Now I HAVE to learn to make socks,everyone wants socks.The trouble is,I`d rather just spin!phyllis

Anonymous said...

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