Saturday, April 21, 2012

Texas Gas Line

I don`t care for my layout header as I didn`t size it right for the blog,but it will have to do for now.
Last spring the gasline people came through & cleared ,somewhat, the land where the pipes are underground.This year they came through to replace the pipe.
The pipe is huge.I`m not sure the pictures can show it very well.The one side of the road is untouched.This is a little road that winds up in the woods where we live.The houses down below are where the major work is being done.
They had to take out alot of mature trees,which is sad.I`m glad our property is untouched.
We have these huge nests in our trees in our land that I walk to every day to see what is in there.I haven`t figured out who is living in the nests yet.They are not squirrel nests,the nests are made mainly with twigs.


Debra said...

Hi Phyllis~I was wondering if that's 'your' robin? It would probably be too much to hope for that he's still alive, but maybe he is...
Wow-those nests are very interesting! I hope you can find out what's making them. I also hope the pipes won't be in your view all the time. I know we need fuel, etc., but I do hate to have to see stuff like that....
Love your new blog layout.
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

Thanks Debra.
No,this isn`t my robin.I miss him,but I figured when I saw him last he was probably 7 years old,he/she will never be forgotten,you,Debra,I know understand completely,love,phyllis

Judy said...

Sorry about the pipes and the change of landscape. It's always hard to see the trees disappearing, knowing how it impacts the birds, etc.

Anonymous said...

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