Wednesday, April 25, 2012

World Bird Wed.

Today is world bird Wed.once again.To join us fellow birdwatchers,select this link & show us your birds you watched this week.
Today I stayed outside most of the morn & afternoon & was able to get these photos.The red-bellies are working deep in the woods & the tufted titmouse joined me once or twice as if to say,"why are you deep down here,you should be up at the feeder!"
The house finch sang most of the time as did the house wren,going in & out of this gourd,making it into a home.
The bluejays got in a fight with the squirrel.I don`t know if this is the same squirrel,but 2 hawks flew in & killed the squirrel-a lot of trees away,then left it hanging dead.I watched till I had to leave with hubby to an appt.,then noticed later the dead squirrel was gone.Sometimes I hate to watch nature.The poor squirrel cried & cried,don`t know if it was THE squirrel or a family member of the squirrel.
No comings & goings at the big stick nest.I should blog at this point that during the winter,a buck was shot legally here & the head left on a barrel at the side of the garage.The person who shot it forgot about it,& a smell began to gather at the garage,where the coyotoe was seen.Since no one volunteered to move this smelly thing{SOMEONE wanted a skull with horns}& I just couldn`t take it anymore as OTHERS became ILL when trying to move the head,I finally took the task on as I usually have too.[Tell me,what good are male members of the family?}& took the head down in the woods & hoisted it up on a tree & tied it fast.Now,mind you,I`m only 120lbs.,it was not easy,but you have to do what you have to do.So I fully expect alot of upcoming hawk or vulture pictures for my efforts.


Springman said...

I love your attitude, yeah, what wrong with them guys? If you get a picture of a hawk eating at a deer will have taken things to a new level!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Lovely bird images and I have those images that Springman speaks of on my blog;) those Finches are brilliant~

Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes nature is hard to watch.
Your bird shots are lovely.