Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Clothing

I had a bad day yesterday.I did too much for one thing.I also went to mom`s to bring more clothing home to wash & go through,I had a car load yesterday I dropped off at the goodwill store.The Salvation Army may have been better to take to,but the store is clear across town.
It struck me yesterday that I should have been going down every week to clean.But mom was funny about her home,& at times I felt she didn`t want me to help.But now I see how bad it was for her,& she NEVER threw out anything.I had begun going through my brother`s old bedroom because she asked me too before her last fall.She was worried about what she would do with her wedding gown & different things like that.She told me she didn`t think she was going to live much longer.I told her she was wrong,& I would keep the gown,so we keep it,what is so wrong with that?She seemed relieved when I told her that.Now her belongings are all in my garage,including the cedar chest they had to break to get into to find the deed & things & her wedding gown was in there among my old boyfriend  things that I kept..I believe the key to it was in her jewelry box.
I may hang on to these vintage slacks,they were J.C.Penney,& at that time most clothes I noticed she had were made in the USA.When did we stop making clothes? She most likely never wore these slacks,the legs were wide,& she was like me,we have skinny legs & wide leg pants don`t look right.
Polka dots were apparently in back in those times.She kept my rollers,still in the old paper Acme grocery bag.She kept my baby shoes too,I didn`t take a picture of them.Just think,they are about 57 years old.
I didn`t go down there today.I will take my son with me the next time so I won`t get so depressed.I was alright going in there by myself a few times,but yesterday it was overwelming depression.
Her sister,Aunt Irene called me this evenning,she made me feel so much better,& it was odd because it seems like she may have sensed I was sad. & made the call.I have been wanting to ask her advice about things of my mom`s to give to her sisters,& she told me thought I made good choises on what I have picked out.I already gave her something of mom`s.I feel closest to her because she does phone me.Leaving you with pictures of the vintage slacks....& polka dots.


Debra said...

Oh Phyllis~
I can't imagine all the conflicting emotions you have. This is a very hard thing to go through. I did it with my dear grandma and grandpa's belongings-just seeing all their things brings so many memories and sometimes regrets...Just give 'em all to Jesus, dear friend-He's the only one that can heal and restore. Love you!

phylliso said...

You are right,Debra.I`m thankful for blogging as I don`t get to vent much & it helps to know others have gone through the same thing.Love you too,phyllis

Judy said...

It's so tough having to go through belongings after someone is gone. My FIL passed away too young and I had to go through his house. It was so hard to decide what to keep and what to let go of. I'm hoping that it gets easier for you as time goes by....