Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend fishing & musings

My son had to work Sun.& our grandson had spent the whole weekend & didn`t want to go home right away on Sun.,so he rode with us to drop his dad off at work,then we took him to a kids fishing rodeo at the Adams County Fish & Game.They had a chicken barbeque before the start of the free for all kids fishing.The kids were allowed to get 3 trout.Our grandson got 3 rainbow.He tangled up with everyone & they with him,but all 3 kids side by side were pulling in fish anyhow.It was funny.No one got angry.
This is the same pond where on the right view of the pond at the highest bank,I was standing at the bottom with my son & husband in May 2001,& stepped back to allow my son in my "hot spot",I couldn`t seem to hook them.Richie said ,mom,don`t move,you`ll fall.Did I listen?No.I backed up & slipped & fell.To not appear completely stupid,I drew my leg back real quick so as not to fall into the pond,thus making a spectacle of myself.When I drew back my skinny leg,I heard a snap,as well as everyone else beside me.My dh came bounding down the hill,"Did you beak my rod?! "I looked down as I was not feeling my right foot at this point & said,"no,it`s worse than that." He took one look & began getting sick.
My first ever broken bone was a compound fracture of my tiblia & fiblia.I sat there feeling an out of body experiance.I wondered if I was going to die that day.I should have went to church,I told myself,instead of skipping out on this little fishing venture with my family.
There was an angel there that day.He took charge.He looks like Richard Gere,I`m not kidding.But he was supposed to be somewhere else that day & was here instead,much to my luck.They called an ambulance to come & drive back to where I was,a feat in itself was a miracle.The "boys"started to pick me up without a backboard or stretcher & my angel along with my son said,"no way you are carrying her up the bank without support under that leg."I was in shock,I could not tell them that myself.My son rode with me in the ambulance as my husband followed in the car,still sick.
Well,it took about 3 years to get healing up from the fall.I will get a pic of the scar & blog it sometime.I had IV antiboctics 3 times,4 operations,one to take the hardware screws out because I had an infection,then the one smaller bone healed,not allowing the large bone to grow together,so had to go back in & have the new bone broken again & cadiver bone put was horrible.The cast was on & off,I had staph,then osteomelitis.The cast I wore was always from the crotch down,it was horrible, I ended up at Hershey Medical Center where I got the right antiboctic by IV for 7 months that I needed.I gave these antiboctics to myself.
I still see my angel,& I always give him a hug,He is so special to me.

Well,I digress with my own story,here are pictures from yesterday... 


Debra said...

Oh Phyllis~Your story is heart breaking.
Amazing isn't it-how God has people at the right place at exactly the right time-even though you said you should have gone to church-God still had your angel there!
You are just full of stories!
Love ya. We need to meet some time-we can't be that far away from each other.

phylliso said...

Yes,God is good,even in our worst experiances,He shows that His love is there to carry us through our crisis`s.
You are right,we can`t be far away.Love,phyllis