Sunday, June 3, 2012

Angora goats find new home,rescued kittens

I wrestled with the idea of selling my goats for awhile now.I didn`t want to,but they need new pasture to run in & I found the perfect home for them.I will try to move the photos from my email where they are now romping with Steve to this blog later,I will have to revamp this whole thing. I still have much mohair to be washed ,so I won`t be out of fiber for awhile.
The dh has been going downhill in his health again & this week we`ll have to go to UPMC for some testing.It is best the goats be with someone who already loves them & will be able to give them proper attention as I may not be able to do.
Well,I was feeling sad about the empty spot outside & the quietness of no baying everytime I went outdoors,& my word,my friend Cathleen calls out of the blue & asks me if I`ll take an all white male albino red-eyed long haired kitten from her farm.I went over to have a look,& ended up taking all 4 kittens.They are only about 4 weeks old & their mother is already pregnet again.I fear they may have not lived if I didn`t take them.You all know how I`ve wrestled with taking the kittens in the past,but this time I felt a conscious push to take them all.I was only expecting 1,of course,but he was curled up with all his siblings.
Their eyes are all matted together.I began by giving them a bath with the lice treatment,now I`m washing their eyes out 3 times a day with warm water & Johnson`s baby shampoo.It is gentle enough for humans,my eye doctor tells me to do that alot for myself.I don`t see ear mites but treated them anyhow as both Simba & Zeke had them terrible.I now have 8 cats,my 2,my mom`s 2,& now these 4.I expect to be able to find homes for them,but we are getting attached already,especially our son & the dh.I`m the one who`s the nasty one coming at them for the treatments they dislike all the time.I have them in a big cage,not ready to let them run about yet.Maggie,sweet Maggie had the calico all but in her mouth before I realized she was coming at her as if she was a treat!So,hopefully they will be alright & grow up healthy.
If you look at the kitten in the second picture,the one to the clear left,his ear lobe is huge,but not torn or anything,I don`t know what`s up with that.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Maybe the kitten has gotten bitten and his little ear is infected? Does it feel warm to the touch? But whatever happens to them (if you keep them or give them away) they have a chance at a good life because of you--I would have taken them all too!!

phylliso said...

That`s what I thought,it may be infected,but it is not red or warm.I`ve only had them for 24 hours,we`ll see how it progresses.My son thinks the albino is blind,but I don`t think so.He is the first one to purr.

Debra said...

Oh Phyllis! Such adorable kitties! You are a sweetheart for all the love and caring you give. Will pray for your hubby-hope all is well.
Love you.

Tammy said...

Phyllis! Oh what a slippery slope...:-) Says one Crazy Cat Lady to another. That is how I ended up with eight kitties too. Started out with two and then had the litter of six to 'find homes for'.

The little one with the swollen ear may have had an injury as Kim said..might be a hematoma so you wouldn't see an outside wound. If it continues to swell, you may have to eventually have him to vet to have it lanced. If it's not too severe it should go down on it's own.

The little white kitty may be deaf (white cats sometimes are) but they usually compensate well. At his age his eyes will probably change a bit in color as he matures.

I'm sure you already know this but at four weeks, they may still need some help expressing their bowels (lay them on their back and rub their tummy just above their bottoms with a warm wrung out cloth). Also I think there are some good milk replacers out there now for kitties. Even the big box stores usually carry them.

Anyway. I'm sure you know what you are doing, so I'll shut up. :-) I'm excited for you and look forward to seeing future pix.

I hope your husband feels better and maybe finds some help to figure out what is wrong. As for the goats--sometimes the livestock just becomes too much and being able to place in a good home is a blessing all around.
Take care,

phylliso said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.Someone else told me too about all white males could be deaf,I didn`t know that.
They continue to thrive.The calico kitten I was worried about,but now I feel she just has a more quiet personality.
The kitten with the ear issue I may end up taking to the vet.It feels as if it should be lanced,like something is grown in there,but I could be wrong.Zeke`s ears are curled back,but his mom drug him around everywhere causing his ears to be different & appear to be chewed on.Simba & Zeke came from the same farm.Their mom is gone now.Farm cats just have a bad survival rate.