Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Downy Woodpecker

I believe world bird Wed.has changed to Wild Bird Wed.with another hosting the meme,but I will provide the link I have yet,hoping it will take us where we need to go to see wild birds from around the world.
I have the downy woodpecker this week,the catbird too,so many young birds have fledged lately,unable to capture all of them yet.


Hanne Bente said...

Great pictures you show - woodpecker is really nice.
Wishing you a good day :)

holdingmoments said...

Lovely shots of the Downy Woodpecker.

Stewart M said...

Hi there - I decided to set up Wild Bird Wednesday after World BW came to at end - so welcome to the new WBW!

Great pictures.

Stewart M - Australia

Stewart M said...

Hi there (again!) - there are no woodpeckers in Australia, so your bird feeder looks exotic to me! And it makes me think of the birds I used to see in England.

Stewart M - Australia

Debra said...

I must visit the link-I always love your bird photos, Phylliso-you really get some good ones...I saw our brown thrasher for one second a week ago, but I think I hear him in the trees.
More nesting robins and doves here too.

phylliso said...

I`m lucky,Debra,that the thrashers come so close.I`ve always believed it is the sound of water that draws them close.I always have my ugly barrel with a pump in going to attract the birds who love the sounds of water.
Your birds look exotic to me,M.Stewart.I bought a book at a sale that id`s birds from around the world outside of the USA,am anxious to compare what I find on the site with the book to get a better idea of the habits & sizes of your birds.

Mary said...

I just love downys. I'd feel so sad if I didn't have them come by every day. They are such cute woodpeckers. I like Catbirds, too and only see them in the summer. I haven't seen mine for a few days, but it is out there somewhere.

phylliso said...

I would be sad too,Mary.There was a time when they didn`t come at all,but they would visit my neighbors feeders & I`d always feel neglected,somehow I did something right,& they are here!
There are alot of catbirds here too,throngs or flocks of them who stay & plant everything I don`t want planted!