Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blessed Friend

My friend ,whom I`ve had forever,visited me today.I was so thankful.Today was a day I really needed her,someone whom has known me from childhood -up.
Her parents & brother & sister still live here in Pa.,but she now lives on over 90acres with her husband,Doug,in Tenn.It is soooo beautiful there,I was there once.If she forgets something from the store,it takes her an hour to go & get it.I would have numerous lists about to remind me!!
We tried to take pictures of ourselves as my DH was still in bed & never got up to visit with her,I will start blogging of the DH`s,& mine, journey soon.We ended up giggling so much as she is tall & I didn`t want my "turkey"neck to show,hah.But,check out her quilting.She is the one who made & quilted the picture the picture of collie.I couldn`t believe how she captured his spirit in cloth.But this is a "shredded"quilt she finished after taking a class in Tenn.Isn`t it beautiful?! I love my friends so much.

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