Friday, November 16, 2012

My facebook friend,Linda` open house,crafts,cookies...

I promised to attend my facebook friend,Linda`s open house today,so my son & I went.I`m afraid I may have called her Lucy!,instead of Linda,but I must say she has a beautiful craft shop,the prices are so reasonable,& I recommend going & checking her crafts out.I believe in supporting our neighbors & friends instead of hurrying to Walmart for 'made in china' things.Please go local handmade instead.

she got 30% off her buys!

this would be nice to place with a wedding photo

I know whoooo would like this grouping

this is 1 of my buys

my mom`s cat,Pumpkin,like my purchase a little too much,had to ultimately save it from the cat

Her doggie greeted us,there was a customer there who allowed us to photograph her,Linda is open again tomorrow for a drawing of money off your selections.
Blogger liked the show so well,they published double pics of some things!
I forgot these beautiful scarves,I had to have one.

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Debra said...

Looks like you had fun-I'm glad you are taking time to do some relaxing...