Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dan Moore with Joey home construction/bird room done

Anyone who has parrots knows what a mess they make.For years I wanted a room specially made for them that would be easy for me to keep clean & give my birds freedom to enjoy their time outside their cages without getting into trouble.I asked around,but no clues on where I could find someone who "just got it",knew what I needed to have done.
So,I found these 2 through my brother-in-law`s wife,& they are great.I highly recommend them if you live in my area,they had to travel a ways to come to work here,but I am grateful to have found them.They work in the tri state area,Harrisburg,Chambersburg,Gettysburg,& have went other areas to work too.
It is done now.I may want to paint the ceiling a sky blue,but I`ll have to wait till I feel better.I got my cervical collar off,but I am in pain still with my back & neck
Here are some views of the room.I put 2 of the bunnies out there,& will bring the other 2 in when I get more indoor cages.I don`t want to fall outside this winter caring for them.Thank the dear Lord I did get the goats sold before all of this-the car wreak-happenned,I would have never been able to care for them.It was a God thing,I`m sure.

Joey & Dan Moore

The macaws I want to constuct a playstand for them that they can`t get down off of from PVC pipe.I have the pipe,just have to figure it out.


Debra said...

It's really glad for you , and for your feathered and furry family. Please be careful with your neck.

phylliso said...

My neck & spine constantly remind me to be careful,I guess it will just never go away.
The fumes from the stuff I have to use to put the pipe together is what worries me.I`ll just have to pick a warm day & do it outside.phyllis