Sunday, December 16, 2012

Updates on Mr.Curley Eared sisters

The girls were up to visit my neighbor today & I was invited to bring Chloe up to visit.The next time I`ll take up Mr.Curley Eared,however the last time that they were reunited,the girls didn`t think much of their brother.
Mr.Curley Eared getting a belly rub
Mr.Curley Eared loves laying in Chloe`s open kennel,I keep it there in case she feels scared,but so far she`s fine.She has collected various items she feels belongs to her...empty paper towel roll,empty cat food cup,a feather...
OMG,how they have grown & are so beautiful!.Here`s pics of Kevin & Bridget holding them & showing Maizy`s feline spots on her belly,she does not have long hair,however MaryLou,the calico & Blanco,the blue-eyed white cat do.I just can not believe how they were all near death & could fit in the palm of your hand,now today....praise that they found a great home with Kevin & Bridget,my elderly neighbor,Ray`s,great grandchildren.
Here are some before pics to remind you how far they have come since June...

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