Tuesday, January 29, 2013

word verification

I don`t believe I`ll spend much time visiting blogs with this word verification.After one or two attempts to leave comments,I give up.This morning I spent 4 times writing exactly what the words said,& still couldn`t leave one.I feel I`m going blind trying to read them,then they sometimes have numbers too?are you to copy them when that`s not a word,or is it a trick to prove you ARE a robot?


Debra said...

If I don't have the word verification at my comments box-I get TONS of spam. It's the only way to not have it. I have gotten the words and numbers wrong too, when I've tried to leave comments-it just keeps letting you try again. I think you can ask to listen to the verification-but I'm not sure about that. Yes-it's a pain-and I have trouble with it too-but I love to leave comments!

Tammy said...

I think I turned my off. If not let me know!