Friday, May 3, 2013

Debra Smith

I want to blog about a few friends I`ve made over the years writing on this blog.I will start with Debra.I just received a gift in the mail from her,the gift was such a surprise it left me speechless-really-I couldn`t write anything for a few days.She is an awesome Christian friend I met on here years ago when I commented on her groundhog,of all things!!
Debra just got published in Haute Handbags,a Stampington publishing co.,I get alot of their books,just to try to get myself jump started in creating again by looking at their Prims mag,or Art Doll Quarterly,or the Softies mag.It is HUGE to be on the front page,she has more than one article devoted to her craft in the book.
But getting back to my friend,she made me this awesome bag.It is perfect for gathering herbs for my tinctures that I`ve become interested in making.Yes Debra,I plan on using the bag alot & will smile when I take it with me knowing that you are in another state,far apart,but I feel your prayers surrounding me when I carry it.Love you,Debra.
BTW,my husband`s doctor phoned me last week,& told me that his medical records are now in the hands of Hershey Medical Center,which is not as far as Pittsburgh for us to travel,& told me to be patient,it may be a month or so,but it is all in God`s hands now.
May 23rd,1993 was when he was transplanted with the first liver due to Hep C in Pittsburgh.It will soon be 20 years.Pittsburgh does not do second livers in patients with Hep C.Nor do they do donated pieces of liver with a second time.A new "policy" for the hospital.
Please go visit Debra at  This is not the first time she`s gifted me. Her photography is totally awesome & she is too.
the cupboard I bought from Cathleen to store tinctures in,bag is ready!
one of the first things I dug up were dandelions to put in the bag to carry to the greenhouse for drying


Joyful said...

You have an awesome friend to send you such a lovely surprise. I hope the new hospital works out much better. Being in God's hands is the best place to be. Big hugs. xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Blogging friends are so kind and generous, and are truly friends you've not met!!

I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for your husband!!!

Debra said...

Awww gosh.....I'm speechless!!!Thank you-for being my friend....
Love, Debra

PS My catbirds are back!!!