Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One of those days...

I get distracted so easily when working outside now that the birds are nesting & wildlife is moving.
Today I went out to the garden to get a shovel to separate my coral bells & fill in some empty spaces with them when I noticed the house wrens building in the bluebird box that was put up.No bluebirds in there this year...
I went up to the house to get the camera,& ended up watching the wrens for awhile.The one picture is blurry,where they were trying to take in a too long piece of twig,& I had to laugh at the wren "protesting" about it.
So,I go back to digging up the perennials to separate them,& hear a loud buzzing around my head.I look up & the male hummingbird was looking directly at me in the face,up close & personal.I had not put any feeders out yet.They don`t arrive this early here! So.....,I stop what I`m doing,come into the house & begin mixing the sugar & water-1 part sugar to 4 parts water-& heat till blended.I go out to the shed & get the feeders & fill them & put them out.
brown thrasher
I DID get some plants moved,but quit before I was done.
I TOLD you the stick was too long!


eileeninmd said...

Great collection of birds, love the thrasher and the cute wren! They can look so funny, trying to fit nesting material into their houses. They are determined to make it work. Cute photos.

Debra said...

What a nice post...I LOVE your brown thrasher!

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

Cute birds!