Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Robin Ridener

Robin is another beautiful artist who has gifted me through out the years.I received a gift on Dec.24th of a bird ornament,which I dearly love.The red bird is hanging in my kitchen window,reminding me of yet another wonderful soul I`ve never met but dearly love.Go visit her at baggaraggs.blogspot.com/  she also writes beautiful stories ,& I`m praying she`ll get published in Prims or Art Doll Quarterly,she so deserves it,have a beautiful mother`s day,Robin!


Debra said...

Oh my-how to describe this wonderful woman-funny, creative, warm, loving, a good mama and gramma, talented beyond the norm-she has inspired me, urged me onward-helped me to not just give up-and I have also been gifted by her. Her art is one of a kind-just like her.

Baggaraggs: said...

Oh you GUYS!!!!
Thank you so much! Love you backwards! BIG HUGS PHYLLIS! You are dear to me...
wish we were all neighbors.<3