Thursday, September 26, 2013

My husband is home

He was released Tues.evenning.He is so happy to be home,however he will not listen to me & take the meds he is to take.He sees the family doctor on Tues.,I hate to do it,but I may have to have a nurse come in & nag him,get him up,ect.He must take the medicine,he will not try herbs either.I have been able to get him to take milk thistle & turmeric.
He was hospitalized for ascites fluid in the abdominal cavity.It was infected.His bloodwork was so out of wack he needed blood,& 8 days after being in the hospital,they had to send for platelets to do a procedure to take off this fluid which was going into his lungs.He had 7 lbs.of fluid taken off,can you imagine? He looked like he delivered a baby.
What happens is,when your liver is not working properly there is pressure in the portal vein.The red blood cells are too large to pass through the walls of the veins,but the blood plasma is not.It is pushed out into the space surrounding the intestines,the peritoneal cavity.This is where his fluid is.The doctors took off the fluid while he was awake,it was painful, he said.He also had fluid in his lungs,but the hope is he can get that out himself without tapping into that cavity.He sees our family doc on Tues.He will get a doctor`s order to have this fluid taken off in the future as an outpatient.
Since he came home,he can hardly walk.He has not been outside,as beautiful as it has been!
Tonight I went to my brother`s home to borrow my mom`s walker that has wheels on it & a seat.Perhaps he will get out to enjoy the beautiful weather now.
Mom`s cat,Pumpkin,knew the walker right away,& it broke my heart to watch him rub all over it to get her scent on him .She would take him for rides all the time.


Joyful said...

I'm glad to hear your husband is home. I can only imagine how difficult it is dealing with a patient who won't listen to you especially when they have to take meds. If it will help to get a nurse, then do so. It will alleviate a lot of stress off of you and help him at the same time. Big hugs. xx

Debra said...

Yes! I agree-having someone to do the ordering and some of the work is a wonderful idea-and he doesn't have to like it! It's for both of you. PLEASE take care of yourself-get outside even for a few moments-read a book, hold a bunny-what ever you do to relax.
I've been praying, and will continue.
Love, Debra