Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finding hawk feathers

This summer I`ve found 3 hawk feathers,today was the most recent.The hawks were swirling around about this morning,I can`t get out there fast enough to capture a pic,but today they left a gift of another feather.I found this 3rd feather while walking the dogs.I believe the feathers are of the red-shouldered hawks.
Some say it is because they are migrating,thus the swirling above me.I don`t feel as though they go away from here,they seem always to be present.
It occured to me that they are a sign,I should stay in my withdrawn spirit of late & gather knowledge from the nature who surrounds me.I look online to discover the meaning of the native american spirituality of hawks.Oh,there`s lots of information.
One good blog I visited was that of a Karen Ancas.
Another I happenned upon chance as well,this is what it spoke to me...
Hawk brings messages of a change.Hawk reminds people to be aware & awake.
They alert us of  times we should NOT take action,because we do not have all the information that we need to make a change.
For example,someone is thinking about being involved in a relationship,personal or business,yet get the feeling that "something is not quite right".Your intuition needs to be heeded,& Hawk sent forth to gather the appropriate information to help the person make the best choise.Sometimes Hawk is telling you to steer clear for a very good reason.
I am a child of God,not heeding very well to Him lately,I confess.I thank Him for bringing me back to myself even if I stay in this quiet state .I am very spiritual & feel nature is in constant communication with me ,if I would only listen.
I found 3 feathers,maybe no more as Hawk has finally set my eyes where they need to be.
found today


Joyful said...

Beautifully put. Sometimes it is so hard to listen to the quiet voice of our Heavenly Father speaking to us when we are tired and stressed. Nature sure helps to bring us back to that quiet place. The feathers are lovely.

Phyllis Oller said...