Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bucky`s new home

I got a phone call this am from a girl who works at the vet`s office I go to,I spoke with her briefly when I placed the flyer up there about Bucky 2 weeks ago,so I was really surprised that she actually called me today.She told me she believed she may have someone who would be interested in Bucky,but I kinda passed it off as she may have just been being nice as I put the notice on the board that I was fostering him till he finds a good home .
She called today & said that her fiance`s dad who is 60-ish,lost his 2ond wife 6 years ago,& had recently lost his dog,Buddy,& is alone now in his huge farmhouse.He has lots of land in Harrisonville ,but Bucky will be strictly an indoor dog as his Buddy was.He asked them to begin looking for another dog as he just couldn`t go the loneliness.He has only been about 10 days without his dog & has been feeling the emptiness terribly.I told her all about Bucky,& they came today to meet him,loved him,& took him along for "Pappy",whom I didn`t meet,but I am sure this is the home he is to be in.I must say he took a piece of my heart when he left with them.I was in love with Bucky.I will especially miss his snoring,& the fact that he only wanted to be with me always.I am in tears,but this will be good for him.Bandit has bitten him 3 times,the first he drew blood on his ear as you may be able to see here.They would have worked it out as others have with Bandit,& I told them if there is any reason that Pappy can`t keep him to bring him back please.That is all I ask.Turns out she knows the former owner....& is glad I got him.Bucky does not need crated anymore,which I did take the crate away days ago.I so miss his presence already.
Chloe had to show off,everyone loves Chloe
his left ear on the right side shown here is where Bandit drew blood on my Bucky,who acted so surprised & hurt when he did that to him
Bucky warmed up to the couple & child after being somewhat scared of the guy at first 


Sam said...

Oh good for Bucky - it sounds like he has found a good home. Thank you so much for helping him take that first pawstep on the right path.

Monty and Harlow

Joyful said...

Poor Bucky has been through a lot but he seems like a very loving and courageous dog. I'm glad that his new owner is going to really enjoy having a companion. I think (and hope) that Bucky and Pappy will get along great!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I know that ache your heart is feeling, but you have truly made a difference for Bucky and this gentleman. I know they are both thanking you for all they did, and so am I.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, bucky is a beautiful boy! sounds like a wonderful home he went to, full of love and one-on-one attention. :)

yes, you definitely have a barred owl in your header! i love them as they are our most prevalent owl at our place, too. :)

eileeninmd said...

Bucky is a good boy, I am sure he will be missed. But, I am glad he is going to a good home. The new owner sounds like he really needs and misses a dog. Love your barred owl header, Gorgeous. Have a happy week.

Aleta said...

That is great news! I'm sure he'll have a happy home!