Thursday, November 28, 2013

Update on hubby,Happy Thanksgiving

Bucky has a play date with my son`s lab/husky pup,Marlee
Pumpkin trying to blend in with the cookie jars,afraid of Bucky
We saw the kidney specialist,a Dr.Martin,in Carlisle.He is sooooo nice.He feels the dh is stable,even though his kidney numbers are off,he has no more swelling & felt that he looks good.We go back in Feb.I will have to buy a set of scales to weigh him in case he does retain fluid again we`ll be able to tell.

Another praise to God,his mammogram was fine.The lump is what the family doctor said it was,just something that older men sometimes get,nothing more.He sure looked funny going back to have it done with all the women there at the center.

Bucky is settling in.I was at my wits end a few times,the cats steer clear of him,he needs to learn some house manners.No leaping over Belle & sliding across the floor when he can`t make the turns in the house,don`t pitch the throw pillows up in the air like they are his special vet gave me the lab rescue # & I could foster him till he finds a home,however, I believe he has his forever home here.He is very protective of me.I think it may have been a God sighting that we have him.Bandit still doesn`t like him,but hopefully he will get over it as he did the other dogs.I want to thank everyone for your suggestions when I sorely needed them!

Now to stuff the turkey......I stuff ours with oysters,the oysters cost more than the Butterball,but it`s not like we have them every day....Happy Thanksgiving to all,keep our service men & women in your prayers today,as well as the nurses & people who work at the nursing homes & hospitals,have a blessed day.
Rich`s guard dog,Chloe


Joyful said...

Wonderful praise report concerning your dh. It is always good to have some good news here and there when one is dealing with the caregiving of a sick loved one. I hope your dog gets accepted by the other pets soon and all become one happy family. Hugs & Happy Thanksgiving!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm so glad that the report from the doctor is a good one--I'll keep those prayers coming that it continues! I'm also glad that Bucky is settling in and I so hope that he and Bandit can find that connection and coexist together. We have had and have a couple of dogs that aren't the best of friends, but they do tolerate one another and get along well enough--And that's good enough for me.

Take care, okay?