Friday, December 27, 2013

Cathleen`s Christmas Open House

My friend,Cathleen,had a few of her girlfriends over this evenning for a get together,we had tea & some eats afterwards,but she wanted to show her husband,Lamar,& her work in making their farmhouse a cozy home.I could sure curl up in one of their rooms to sleep.I just LOVE farmhouses,with all their doors encasing steps to everywhere,I always loved my grandfather`s house as a child & still kinda wish I lived in one...but one that could be in our woodland setting. I took many pictures.Cathleen & I love antiques & she decorated everything perfectly,her work should be in a magazine. Just many of the pictures I took...I don`t know yet how they will show up,I may not be able to put captions in the photos as I once could.I was amazed at the aura of lights I did capture,I always feel like angels are present when I see what I`ve captured in beams of light... Brady got a train from Santa tonight. I LOVE old dishes,so does Cathleen.This teacup is unusual. Cathleen`s mom is very creative & talented,she drawed the design for her hooked rugs as gifts to them. I made her this reindeer,I was making pairs as gifts,but have not had the time to do the things I like to do.This is soon going to change.


Debra said...

Beautiful photos! You're right-her home should be in a magazine. I hope you will take the time to start making things again-it will help you and relieve some stress. Hope your hubby is okay...Love, Debra

Joyful said...

What a beautiful home. She and her husband have done a great job. How lovely the girlfriends were all able to take some time to enjoy tea in such a wonderful place :-)

Aleta said...

Wow - so beautiful! It should be in a magazine - you're right! I love old farmhouses, too. Remember that one I lived in when we were kids? I didn't appreciate it then as an old farmhouse. To me it was just COLD in the winter! Ha! Anyway, Kathleen sure does know how to decorate!