Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update on my husband,got the back-up drive hooked up with older pictures.

I`m not liking the computer yet.I did get the backup drive to work.Miss Maggie Mae had chewed through the wires,but they were taped together & now they work.I need another wire to hook the printer up as my camera card fits in it,not this computer.Oh,my,I am so slow at this stuff.

Sat.Jan.11 my husband went back into the hospital.I had taken his blood sugar for 2 days,the meter always read 600 & above,can`t register.He slept a lot.So,we finally asked my son`s friend to try it as Rich kept saying,awww you didn`t do it right,or the thing needs a new battery,I was at my wits end,then Sissy stopped in on her way to work & took it & it said the same thing for her,so she talked him into going to the er.HE GOT UP & GOT DRESSED & WAS READY TO GO OUT THE DOOR BEFORE I WAS.

When we got him in there,it was his blood sugar was 729.They admitted him.He was in there till Tues.evenning,& the doctor came in & said that he could go home if he wanted.Of couse,he wanted to go home.He was not ready to go home,there was a blizzard going on.I had only cereal & coffee before I went in to see him Tues.,was about to go home & stay home,but the doctor came in & said he could go.The RN kept asking me,are you sure you can handle him?I said yes,but I was angry.They had told me that he would be on insulin shots,have I ever gave them before? Well,I had for my dad about 15 years ago.They sent us home with scripts for insulin without any pretraining me again,he couldn`t walk as he had the gout so bad in his feet & never mentioned that in the hospital as he slept the whole time.

So,we got him in the truck & had to navigate the snow to get to cvs.I said,let`s get a sandwich & wait a half hour so I wouldn`t have to drive all the way home & back again.Oh,no,he couldn`t do that.So...I drove him home,thank the dear Lord for friends Doug & Tina who had plowed our lane to the house,& to our son who helped me get him into the house.

Well,went back in town,got his meds,I saw that he was on 2 different kinds of insulin,& I lost it.Thank God for friends I can call & rant to,I was livid.I didn`t trust myself  to give him any insulin that night as I hadn`t eaten all day & was exhausted .

He couldn`t walk for a few days after,& had some other troubles,our living room is set up like a hospital room complete with a potty chair.

The nurse from his floor called the next day to see how he was doing & I was nice about it & said I feel like he wasn`t ready to come home,& in the blizzard it was difficult for me.She told me that they needed his bed! 16 people were in the er waiting for a bed,they all had the flu.

So,after giving my anger to God,I turned this around in my mind,thinking,you know,the doctor said he remembered you from having Rich in here before,he did tell me that.He TRUSTED me,& felt that I was able to care for my husband.Once I had my rest & could think clearly the next morning,I pulled out the needles & insulin & drew it up,it came right back to me as I had once given my father shots.

Something else happened that I can`t remember that was bad,but I was able to turn it around for the better for me.Out of all of this,I know God is right beside me,helping me with even the most dumb things I pray about...dear Lord,PLEASE let me got this bottle open...things like that.He has really been close to me through all of this.

I don`t know what the future holds.He had to go by wheelchair to see the doc about his gout.It was hard pushing him in the snow,but thankfully Richie & Sissy helped me.

Every bone in my body hurts,I have so much pain with my RA.I can barely more.I have a head cold & am thankful to my doctor`s that I got a script without being seen as I had to turn in hubby`s sugar tests.They increased his dosage on both kinds on insulin.Now I`m having trouble getting him not to eat sweet stuff.

I feel sure Mittens will have to be put to sleep.The area behind her ear is larger & it is awful.Richie & I put a bandage on her yesterday,but I took it off this evening,& it looks terrible.She was mom`s cat.

I am looking forward to catching up on everyones blogs...


Debra said...

Oh Phylisso-I don't even know what to say....I also share your frustration with hospital stuff-it's insane that they kicked your husband out then-totally unconscionable -if that's the right word and spelling-I have to say I really don't get it-where health care is heading.
I don't think it's silly to pray about the little things, and of course God hears those prayers too. Those little things become HUGE when everything else is monumental.
PLEASE dear friend-take care of yourself too- I am praying....

Julie said...

Phyllis I am praying for you all. I also know what you are going through. This happened with my husband. They sent him home with the insulin but no needles to give it with.
Keep strong and pray away God loves you and to him nothing is small.