Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cloud,what happenned?

I couldn`t write on my pics  with Cloud in the last post,I tried putting pics on first,then when I went to write,it wouldn`t let me.I WAS allowed to put captions & enlarge the photos now,oh,well,I`ll get on to using the computer sometime.

Cloud kept having trouble peeing on himself.It started out a spot on his lower back.He never minded getting a butt bath.He`d be ok,then he`d start again.I thought he had too many women around him-my son`s idea.I moved him.He seemed better,however lately he had been soaking himself.I should have took him to a vet when this first started.Live & learn,I guess.He took a piece of my heart,I am not going to raise anymore.I`ll keep a couple of Jersey Woolies & a couple of the angoras.I had just begun spinning the angora fiber.The bunnies have all been indoors all winter.My bunny/parrot room was crowded.


Julie said...

Phyllis I am so sorry to hear about Cloud. He was such a most beautiful rabbit.My heart goes out to you both. Just know I am thinking of you and continuously have you and your husband in my prayers.

eileeninmd said...

It seems like many bloggers are having trouble with photos. Not sure why.I am sorry about your Cloud. We do get attached to our pets, they are like family. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!