Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Newborn eastern Cottontail bunnies

Just a reminder in the spring,watch for nests of bunnies,usually I have found in my yard it is a slight hole in the yard with grass & hair over the top.I have let space around this dip in the yard as it usually contains baby bunnies.

People believe the mother has abandoned them if they see no signs of her out & about them.Truthfully,she is only with them at dusk & dawn to feed,during the day she is out consuming grass & clover & things to help her keep milk available for the little ones.

I was brought this nest of babies on Mon.Please pray I can keep them alive.It is believed the mother was killed on the road.They do not have their eyes open yet.But,boy,are they fighters to live.I bought kittens milk from Tractor Supply & already had purchased tiny baby bottles & nipples,at the time I saw them,I had no use for them,but my brain said,buy them,you may need them someday,so I did.I have found that they like to take the milk from the tip of my finger,though.I wore gloves at first,but since they like sucking from my finger,I have given that up as they weren`t eating,now they are trying.I take a wet cloth to wipe their bottoms afterwards as their mom would clean them to encourage them to poo...I keep them outside in Cloud`s pen,covered with the angora bunnies fur to keep them warm,& hay.

If anyone else has advice,please let me know.The nearest wildlife rehab is in Pittsburgh,& I can`t make the trip right now.


JoJo said...

Oh wow Phyllis...they are absolutely adorable and I hope you are able to keep them happy and thriving. They are safe from any aerial predators, yes?

Phyllis Oller said...

yes,they are safe in a large outdoor hutch,I am worried about them though,they are hardly wetting their mouths with the milk.phyllis

Tammy said...

Have you tried an eye dropper? We used them more often than not when I was a kid and found some needy baby. Just very gently drop the milk into their mouths from the side and give them time to swallow. Sounds like you are trying to do right by them. Sweet little babies. Praying they survive and thrive. My dogs are forever finding a nest and dislodging baby rabbits and I'm forever screaming at them and running them down to rescue the babies. I keep certain areas shut off from them this time of the year.

Take care,