Sunday, June 8, 2014

Keeping busy

I`m finding the more that I`m busy,the better I am.The worse things are going for groceries & being in the house.I usually keep the TV on in the house just for noise,but the other night American Pickers was on,& I had a bad moment & found I can`t watch it for now.The dh always watched that show,even the reruns.
Grocery shopping...well,let`s just say I complain when I have to take my son along,but secretly now I like it because I am not alone.Before Rich died,I`d be forever looking for new things to tempt him to eat,searching labels for sugar content, I don`t have to do it anymore ,I don`t even want to shop for food ,I always enjoyed shopping for my husband.
other animals live there too
My friends & family are great,very supportive.Yesterday was awesome,I got out with family,made a few new friends,it was great.
we were allowed right in the pens with them,but I must admit I was a little afraid when this one was bound to greet me first.Loving giants...
Last friend,Jenn,invited me to ride along to Maryland to visit the Gentle Giant Draft Horse Rescue.Leaving you with pictures of these awesome animals.I just wanted to touch base as it has been hard to get my head back into writing & letting my thoughts out.
do you think that was a good shot?
this horse is 18.3 hands
this bird makes the most awful sounds
shall we watch TV while we potty?


Joyful said...

I'm sure it will take some time before you can get back into a routine but please do try to eat well and take care of yourself. I'm glad you went with your friend to the animal rescue. The photos of the animals are awesome. Hugs. xx

Debra said...

I think you'll find great help in your love for animals, and their love for you...Perhaps after some time has gone by, you'll forget the awful hurt, and remember the good things the most. I'm praying for you. Love, Debra

Phyllis Oller said...

Thank-you,my friends.

JoJo said...

Beautiful animal shots. I understand trying to keep busy as much as possible. I know this is a very, very difficult time. Hang in there Phyllis.

Julie said...

I agree with Debra, she said it so beautifully. I am thinking of you and praying for you.

Judy said...

I'm not sure that you ever really recover from losing someone that you love, but maybe it gets a bit easier as time goes by? I'm glad that you have your dogs and your birds to watch. Your canine buddies will be there for you, day in and day out. Take care.