Sunday, August 17, 2014

male cardinal ,hummingbird,Mia the collie

Savannah went home tonight.She & I got our names on the front page of our local newspaper about buying second hand clothing here local.There is a dress code,so we were mainly looking for shoes & boots & jeans to wear in the woods when she is here.Mia is enjoying her attention while Savannah brushes her.

I don`t know what this male cardinal is doing,he seems to see me in the house taking his picture.

I made another gallon of hummingbird food,they are loading up I suppose for take-off. The summer has passed so quickly,it just doesn`t seem like it is time for them to go.Never a good time for me anymore for the going part.
Mia & Savannah

she`ll be going back to school the 25th,2ond grade
I like to watch them till it`s too dark to see them


JoJo said...

There's a dress code where you live? You have to dress nicely to go in the woods?

Phyllis Oller said...

no,dress code for school!hahaha...