Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Savannah with Jen`s horses

Eagle,Jen`s husband`s horse
My son & granddaughter went with me in search of bald eagles today,but they weren`t in the spot where my friend Jennifer has been seeing them.So we followed her to Karen`s farm to visit the horses.
I am always stunned at how large Harlan is.Jennifer has really worked with him & he is gaining a lot of manners.She`s a wonderful horse trainer.She got him out & Savannah & Richie brushed the dirt off him & she saddled him up for a ride. He loves children,& I`d bet he`d be a good therapy horse.
She also showed us Eagle,her husband`s horse who needs a little work she said.He is beautiful.
She also showed us a different kind of horse & I can`t think what kind it is,a pisco something....I`m sure she or Richie will
 let me know,& I`ll edit it in then.It is a Habanero PasoFina

The mountains were so beautiful today.
Savannah was asking about the reins & what they do,good questions for a 7 year old.
guineses to drive away snakes
this horse has a floating gait,can`t remember the name
stunning horse
We thanked Jenn for the afternoon,stopped at the Milky Way for a sandwich.I saw they had fresh peach sundaes,if Rich had been alive,we would have had them for our supper....


Jeff Schimdt said...

Savanah Is Growing Up So fast

Phyllis Oller said...

yes,she is,Jeff.

Debra said...

It's so good to see what you're doing. Lovely horses. I'm glad you had a nice day...